1. Which one of the following is a junction of frontal, parietal, temporal & greater wing of sphenoid bone?
A. Pterion
B. Lambda
C. Vertex
D. Inion.

1. Answer is: A- Pterion.
(Ref: B.D.Chaurasia- 3rd Vol- 3rd Ed/ pg 7). Repeat ALL INDIA PRE PG -06.

2. A non-synovial joint with dense connective tissue between two bony surfaces is termed as:
A. Synchondrosis
B. Syndesmosis
C. Symphysis
D. Suture.

2. Answer is: D- Suture.
(Ref: Gray’s Anatomy- 39th Ed/ pg 103).


3. Lysis of fibrin is brought about by:
A. Plasmin
B. Hyaluronidase
C. Collagenase
D. Coagulase

3. Answer is: A- Plasmin.
(Ref. K.D. Tripathi-5th Ed/ Pg 569)

4. Normal hemoglobin in adults is designated as:
A. Hb H
B. Hb S
C. Hb A
D. Hb F

4. Answer is: C- Hb A.
(Ref: Ganong 18th Ed / 497)

5. Which one of the following is true after exercise?
A. Cerebral blood flow increases if there is an increase in systolic blood pressure.
B. Blood flow to muscle increases in 30 seconds.
C. Body temperature increases.

D. Lymphatic flow to the muscle decreases.

5. Answer is: C- Body temperature increases.
(Ref: Ganong 18th Ed / 588-90)

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