We have always known of the sweet and sticky stuff that cause caries and cavities, but here is what we bring you a list of good foods that prevent it.

" Prevention is better than cure."

Fruits and Veggies:

Fibrous diet >> As we all know how important fibrous diet is for our bowel movements , it is quite useful for a healthy oral flora. High -fiber diet keeps the saliva flowing , which creates minerals useful to fight tooth decay.

Fruits like bananas, apples , oranges and vegetables like beans , peas and sprouts are helpful.

Whole Grains are a rich source of  vitamins B , fiber and iron, which keeps gums healthy .Eating bran , brown rice , whole grain cereals and pasta could help you put a stop to cavities.

Calcium Rich Foods : Calcium rich products like milk, yogurt, cheese are vital ingredients to prevent caries.This is particularly true for growing children. Other sources of calcium include spinach, broccoli, fish , dried beans and almonds.

Sugar free Gum: These again help increase production of saliva thereby reducing caries.

Other ingredients:
Tea tree oil : has antibacterial properties
Mint and cinnamon : helps wound healing.

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