Frequently Asked Questions : DENTISTRY in AUSTRALIA (ADC)

FAQ's of Australian Dental Council Exam 


Can my husband/wife/relative/friend/migration agent act on my behalf to receive any information regarding my application, including over the phone, via email or by post?
If you wish to nominate another party/person to act on your behalf, and receive information regarding your application for assessment, you and the person you are nominating to act on your behalf, will be required to complete and return an Authority to Act form.
This form must be sent to the ADC by post to retain all the original signatures.
An Authority to Act form must be submitted with each new application.
Can I provide any documents or my application by email or fax?.
No. You are not permitted to submit any documents or application forms via email or fax. The ADC will only accept original certified copies of documents. This means that we must receive all documents by post to retain the original certification and signatures.
Who can certify my documents if I am not in Australia?.
The ADC's Certification of Documents Guideline indicate the acceptable certifiers such as:
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Public Notary
  • Australian Consular Officer or Australian Diplomatic Officer
  • Employee of the Commonwealth of Australia or the Australian Trade Commission.
How do I certify my passport sized photograph?.
Please refer to the ADC 's Certification of Documents Guideline.
Photographs are to be certified on the back of the photograph. The recognised authorised certifying officer must state "this photograph is a true likeness of (applicant's name)" and the other requirements listed on the certification guidelines.
Will the ADC send the outcome of my assessment by email?.
Yes. When your application has been assessed an outcome will be sent by email advising you that your application has been successful, or if it is incomplete that further information is required.
Successful applicants will receive the relevant paperwork by email to enable them to move to the next stage of their assessment, e.g. Eligibility letter to apply for the written examination. Therefore you must ensure that your contact details are current with the Australian Dental Council.
Please also allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for mail to travel between Australia and India, Africa or The Middle East.
How long will the initial assessment take?
Please allow up to eight (8) weeks from the day the application is received for your application to be assessed.
If additional information or documentation is required from you, the initial assessment period may be delayed.
Can I apply for the Initial Assessment of Professional Qualification in General DentistryDental Hygienist or Dental Therapist if I have not worked in the past five years?
Yes. If you have not practiced as a Dentist or Dental Hygienist and/or Dental Therapist in the past five years (or since graduation), you will be required to provide a signed written statement explaining the reasons why you have not worked in the past five years with your application.
I understand I need to arrange a Certificate/Letter of Good Standing regarding my registration. Can I provide a certified copy of this document?
No. An original Certificate/Letter of Good Standing must be sent directly to the ADC from the registering authority, and not by via the applicant.
How do I apply for a Skills Assessment?
You can apply for a Skills Assessment by completing an application for Initial Assessment of Professional Qualifications in General Dentistry form.
Please complete this form after carefully reading the Explanatory Notes and Checklist section of the application in full, providing all the required documentation, and paying the required fee.
Please advise me of the requirements for applying for a Skilled Migration Visa as a dental practitioner.
Please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for information on requirements for visa applications.
I am an Australian Qualified dentist who requires an Assessment for immigration. Do I need a Skills Assessment.
Yes. If you have graduated from an Australian University, and wish to apply for a visa, you will be required to apply for a Skills Assessment with the ADC.
What do I need to provide to the ADC as a PSDWS candidate?
You will need to submit an application for Initial Assessment of Professional Qualifications in General Dentistry and provide a letter from your Australian Public Sector employer, confirming you are currently employed in the PSDWS.
PSDWS applicants must also provide evidence of Limited Registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) clearly showing their registration is for the PSDWS.
How do I find a PSDWS job in Australia?
For information on employment in the PSDWS please contact the State Government Health Department in the state you wish to obtain employment.



Q. I need to send a document to the ADC. Which address should I use?
A.  This depends on whether you are using the postal service or a courier.
If you are posting a document, please address to:
PO Box 13278Law Courts  Vic  8010Australia
If you are using a local or international courier to deliver a document, please address to:
Level 299 King StreetMelbourne  Vic  3000 Australia

Applying for an Initial Assessment

Q. Do I need to provide details of my secondary education?
A.  You are only required to provide evidence of your secondary (high school) education if you undertook your secondary education in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, Republic of Ireland or South Africa. If you did not undertake your secondary education in one of these countries then you are not required to provide this information and you do not need to complete questions 16-19 on the Initial Assessment Application form.
Q. When should I arrange for my Certificate of Good Standing to be sent to the ADC?
A.  You should arrange for your Certificate of Good Standing to be sent to the ADC when you are completing your application for Initial Assessment. When your Certificate of Good Standing is received by the ADC it will be held securely and then matched to your application.
Q. What is the closing date for Initial Assessment applications? I would like to sit the next Written Examination.
A.  Whilst there is no closing date for Initial Assessment applications we suggest that you submit your Initial Assessment application at least 12 weeks before the Written Examination closing date.

Applying for an examination

Q. How many attempts can be made at the Examination?
A. There are currently no restrictions on the number of attempts for either the Written Examination or the Practical Examination. However, you must pass the Practical Examination within 3 years of a successfully passing the Written Examination, otherwise you will need to re-sit the Written Examination.
Q. I have a place booked in an upcoming Written Examination but I have recently changed my contact details. What should I do?
A. You must arrange for redirection of mail (postal and/or email) if you change your address after the closing date for a Written Examination.
If the closing date has not passed, please submit a Change of Contact Details form to the ADC as soon as possible. If the form will not reach the ADC prior to the examination closing date, you must arrange for redirection of mail.

Withdrawing from an examination

Q. Can I withdraw from an examination?
A. Yes. A signed written letter must be sent directly to the Australian Dental Council by post advising us of your withdrawal.
Once received, your withdrawal will be processed and if applicable, a partial refund will be returned to you. Please allow up to seven (7) days for money to be refunded to your credit card.
For further information regarding withdrawal and examination fee refunds please refer to the Written Examination Handbook and the Practical Examination Handbook.
Q. If I withdraw from an examination can I transfer to a following examination?
A. No. You are NOT able to automatically transfer from one examination to another.
If you choose to withdraw from an examination, you are required to re-apply.
Examination fees and application forms are also NOT transferable between examinations.
You must complete a new examination application form, provide the required documentation and pay the required fee for each examination you apply to sit.
Q. Can I change my venue for the Written Examination?
A. Yes. You may change your venue at anytime up to the close of the examination booking period via the Pearson VUE website. You do not need to notify the ADC of a venue change.
Q. I have a place booked in the next Practical Examination, but I can’t get my visa for travel to Australia in time. Can I transfer to the next Practical Examination instead?
A. No. Failure to undertake an examination because of inability to obtain necessary visas will be treated as a withdrawal and fees will be forfeited.

Sitting the Written Examination

Q. What happens if I am late for my examination?
A. You should arrive at the examination 30 minutes prior to the arrival time stated on your advice letter. You will NOT be admitted to the examination if you arrive at the venue after the start time and you will automatically receive a FAIL grade for that paper regardless of the reason for your late arrival.

Sitting the Practical Examination

Q. Do I need to provide my own protective eyewear?
A. Yes. All candidates must bring suitable eye protection. We will not provide this for you. You may bring magnifying loupes if you wish. The venue will provide you with a protective gown and disposable masks and gloves.
Q. Can I bring my own instruments to the examination?
A. No. The venues will provide the necessary standard equipment needed. You may not bring instruments or handpieces. You must, however, bring your own burs.
Q. Do my burs need to be sterile?
A. All burs brought to the examination must be clean with NO visible soiling, but they do not have to be sterile.
Q. Can I bring my own materials to the examination?
A. The venue will provide the standard necessary materials needed to complete the examination. You may, however, bring your own materials. Please be aware that if your materials require specialised equipment for dispensing, mixing etc., that equipment may not be available at the venue and you may not bring that equipment with you.
Q. What is the difference between materials and equipment?
A. Materials are generally items that are consumables.
Items regarded as materials include:
  - Restorative materials (e.g. composite resins)
  - Impression materials
  - Rubber dam sheets
  - Polishing discs (but not mandrels)
  - Wedges
  - Face shields.
Items regarded as equipment included:
  - Handpieces
  - Hand instruments (e.g. probes, mirrors, enamel hatchets)
  - Matrix bands and holders
  - Rubber dam clamps and forceps
  - Rubber dam frames
  - X-ray film holders
  - Dispensing guns
  - Scalpels and blades
  - Amalgamators
  - Non-dental headlamps
  - Hand-held magnifying glasses.

Getting my results

Q. How long will it take to receive my results?
A. Examination results are usually issued 6 weeks after an examination.
Candidates should not contact the ADC before this time. All results for the Written Examination and Practical Examination will now be available to dentistry candidates online via the ADC Candidate Portal. Dental Hygiene and/or Dental Therapy candidates cannot access the Candidate Portal and will receive their results via email.
Q. I have just sat my first Written Examination. When I try to log onto the Candidate Portal I get a message saying that I have provided an invalid username. What should I do?
A. As a new user, the Candidate Portal won’t recognise your username until the Written Examination results have been released. Try again later. Remember that examination results are usually released 6 weeks after the Written Examination.
Q. I failed my recent examination. Can I get more feedback on my performance?
A. The ADC does provide feedback in the form of the candidate Results Profile which is given to you with your results. However, the ADC does not provide more detailed post-examination feedback to candidates.

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