Remember, they're only evaluating english at your workplace, not your dental knowledge.

KEY FACTOR is a positive attitude to the exam, cos there is very less to prepare for such an exam. These kind of exams require you to be more relaxed than get worked up.

* Check various reference letters online- basically be familiar with the PATTERN
*Be BRIEF... its not a case sheet writing
*Have your address/reg no, patients D.O.B/address/, date, signature... etc (constant factors)
*you should have an intro describing patient n complain
*you should have the relevant history (dental/med/drug if imp) and clinical/radiographic findings that you do know
*Request update on treatment (optional)
*Mention to 'contact you for any further queries or additional information on patient'.
*If referral is for a medical consultation, then describe briefly date of procedure, the procedure itself, selected tooth, LA admin(if any), post op complication, post op medication, etc


*Its just like the comprehensive exam taken throughout our school days- The only thing diff is that its medical topics instead.
*Its very direct, you can read again to confirm
*Answer to the point!


*Again pretty much the same as reading- very direct. And just keep your ears open.
*Most common mistake done- WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT P***AGES THAT ARE OVER, cos that would affect your ATTENTION for next exercises

*Here they'll judge how comfortably you handle english with a patient
*Be very RELAXED.
*Use the FULL time given to think, scribble your points and then start to converse.
*Be patient, HEAR all that the patient (examiner) has to say.
*Speak slow- u need to be CLEAR
*Ask leading questions, like you would in a practice
*Be POLITE, do not offend them by saying eg. "You/your kid has bad oral hygiene, etc"
.... instead try saying things like "Oral hygiene is fine, but it can be further improved by"...
*Always be CALM and CONFIDENT... Remember you are a doctor (its ok even if you dont know full treatment)
*Recall patient for review
*SMILE always!
*Examiners are nice people.. so DONT be prejudiced


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