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How to set up a new Dental Clinic

This article focuses on young dentists , who with long standing MDS dream were not able to crack MDS entrance and are unable to pay heavy capitation fees.... DON'T GIVE UP

With increased  competition in mds entrance exams for few govt. seats have let down lot of MDS aspirants. The fee structure for  MDS seats in private colleges have gown up to 6-7 lakhs a year, which is beyond the reach of common middle class family. So once again comes the big question,



For all my dear aspirants,


You are already a professional BDS doctor. Don't underestimate your BDS skills and Qualifications. Obviously the best scenario is in being able to pursue a PG degree. But, this is not always possible as mentioned above.

If you still don't believe me, here are few facts:

1. On an average , a BDS practitioner is making one lakh a month.
2. There is huge demand for dentists in outskirts of all cities in INDIA.
3. Why do you want to setup clinic only in central hubs , there is huge potential in sub urbs.
4. Paying capacity of patients is less in remote areas but number of patients is more.
5. Some of the best dentists are the ones with only a bachelor’s degree. They have reached the pinnacle of their profession through the dint of hard work & constant self-examination.

So , its high time now take the big decision.START your own private practice.

What you require ?

1. A BDS degree. (which you already have)
2. Get 6 month experience of clinical work  in a reputed dental clinic under a qualified dental practitioner.This will boost your confidence and you will how to handle patients at private clinics.
3. A diploma or a short course in aesthetic dentistry or endodontics is always a help.
4. Preferably look for a shop in good commercial area or near by a hospital. You need not buy it, you can always start on a rented shop.
5. If you can get associated with an ENT or MS (eye) , you can start a PolyClinic in patnership.
6. Minimum space advised is 250 sqft. More than this is a luxury.

Equipment and Material : (costs range between 3 to 5 lakhs )

1. A Dental Chair : Go for a brand which provides service in your area.  (1 to 4 lakhs)
2. Compressor : min. 20 litres capacity ( 10 to 20 thousand)
3. Dental chair should be equipped with motorised suction, 3 way syringe and micromotor.
4. x-ray machine which supports use of RVG later on. (25 to 70 thousand)
5. Ultrasonic Scaler  : preferably good brand (5 to 30 thousand)
6. Cordless Light Cure unit ( 5 to 25 thousand)
7. A straight hand piece
8. A contra angle hand piece
9. Airrotor ( 3 in number)
10. Autoclave (min. 5 lit. , top loading, newer front loading are better)
11. Glass bead sterliser

12. UV chamber
13. A full set of upper and lower teeth extraction forceps...go for the best brand (150 to 600 a piece)
14. A needle cutter
15. PMT sets ( best brand ) min. 15 in number.
16. Kidney trays 15
17. Enamel trays 3
18. Intrument drums 2
19. Ultrasonic bath
20. A portable X- ray developing chamber.
21. Dental burs
22. Alginate
23. Rubber Based impression material
24. Conservative filling instruments
25. Prosthodontic Instument Kit
25. Endo box
26. Endo gauge
27. Bur box
28. K- files all sizes, broaches , spreader etc.
29. Endo MOTOR ( optional)
30. RVG (optional)
31. Apex locator (optional)
32. All endo related material e.g. sealer, gp points, paper points,
33. Ca hydoxide
34. Temporary filling material
35. Composite starter kit
36. Lathe (optional)
37. Suction tips
38. Cotton holder
39. Developer and fixer
40. Gates glidden and paeso reamers
41. Plaster, stone and die stone
42. Impression trays both perforated and non perforated
43. Articulators
44. Posts and core material
45. Prophylactic paste
46. Instant Hand sanitizer
47. Filling materials like amalgam, GIC, compomer , miracle mix and posterior composites.
48. Pain OFF
49. Alveogyl
50. Irrigants

This is a brief list.

What more do you need ?

Dental office and waiting area furniture which may consists of

- Doctor's Table
- Doctor's Chair
- 2 patients chairs

One reception table
- receptionists chair
- waiting chairs from 6 to 20 depending on size of OPD


A LCD/LED TV in waiting area.
A Water filter with hot/cold water facilities
A magazine stand with newspaper in regional language and few magazines

All is done I guess.... Along with all these things your courteous attitude and humble approach with a smile on your face is required to treat patients even before they sit on your dental chair.



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