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40 Most Commons in Dentistry

1. Most common impacted anterior tooth--- maxillary canine

2. Most common supernumerary tooth—mesiodens

3. Most common ectopically erupted tooth—maxillary permanent first molar

4. Most common malignancy of oral cavity—squamous cell carcinoma

5. Most common benign tumour of oral cavity—fibroma

6. Most common retained tooth – primary mandibular second molar

7. Most common recurring cyst—odontogenic keratocyst

8. Most common cyst in oral cavity—periapical cyst

9. Most common lichen planus- reticular lichen planus.

10. Most common dermatosis to affect oral cavity- lichen planus

11. Most common chemical burn in oral cavity –aspirin burn

12. Most common topical fluoride in adults – stannous fluoride

13. Most common topical fluoride in children—1.23 APF gel.

14. Most common burshing technique-scrub technique

15. Most common developments cyst-nasopalatine cyst

16. Most common complication of GA (op)-nausea

17. Most common used drug for petitmal epilepsy-ethosuximide

18. Most common used drug for grand mal-phenytoil

19. Most common drug used for temporal epilepsy- carbomezepine

20. Most common treatment for cyst – enucleation

21. Most common used clasp-simple circlet clasp

22. Most common used face bow in fpd- kinematic

23. Most common complication of RA involves TMJ-fibrous ankylosis

24. Most common salivary malignancy in children –mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

25. Most common salivary malignancy in palate area-ACC

26. Most common type of haemophilia--- haemophilia A

27. Most common type of gingivitis in children--- eruption gingivitis

28. Most common type of cerebral palsy is –athetoid/ spastic.

29. Most common nerve involved in C sinus thrombosis – abducent nerve

30. Most common type of impaction ---mesoangular

31. Most common benign epithelial tumour---- papilloma

32. Most common complication of surgical extraction of lower third molar—loss of blood clot

33. Most common used instrument grasp—pen grasp

34. Most common susceptible tooth for caries—mandibular first molar

35. Most common contrast media - iodine in oil

36. Most common cause of light radiographs — exhausted developer

37. Most common cause of failure of RCT— incomplete obturation

38. Most common isolated yeast strain from RCT— Candida

39. Most common bacteria found in root canals --- gram positive

40. Most common part of oral cavity affected by L planus –buccal mucosa.

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