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Radiographic Anatomy of Facial Bones

Radiographic Anatomy of Facial Bones
Postero-Anterior Caldwell View
Occipito Mental (OM) (Waters) View
Postero-Anterior 30° (Modified Parietocanthial)
Occipito Mental 30° (OM30) View
Submentovertex (SMV) / Slit Basal / Jughandles View
Adult Facial Bones - Lateral View
Slit Townes View

Abnormalities of the Skull and Facial Bones
                           Radiological Features
Enlargement of Skull Vault
Sutural  diastasis, increased convoluted
markings, “copper beaten skull
Raised intra cranial pressure
Bulging of fontanelle in infancy.
Enlarged frontal sinuses and mandible, erosion
and enlargement of sella turcica
Paget’s disease
Thickened skull vault, increased density of vault
and facial bones.
Increased Density
Hyperostosis frontalis
Symmetrical thickening of the inner table of
skull vault, usually in women, of no significance.
Area of  localised sclerosis, possible enlarged
groove of feeding artery.
Fibrous displasia
Asymmetrical, affecting the facial bones maxilla
and base of skull.
Paget’s disease
Irregular sclerosis with thickened vault.
Secondary deposits. e.g. prostate & breast
Irregular sclerosis, thickened vault.
Lytic lesions
Secondary deposits, neuroblastoma, leukaemi
Variable appearances,  Sutural deposits may
mimic sutural diastasis.
Eosinic granuloma, Histiocytosis X
Transradient defect with bevelled edges.
Rounded translucent (2-10mm) multiple ‘holes’
Secondary deposits
Generally ill defined translucent patches.
Mottled appearance of ‘pepper pot’ skull.
Sharply defined zones affecting large areas of
the vault.

Radiographic Anatomy of Mandible

Mandible - Postero-Anterior View
Mandible - Oblique View
Mandible – Lateral View
Orthopantogram (OPG)

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