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The Acquisition of Specific Immunity
Immunization and Immune Assays.
Disorders in Immunity.
Introduction to Microbiology
Humans and the Microbial World
The Molecules of Life
Microscopy and Cell Structure [2]
Dynamics and Prokaryotic Growth
Control of Microbial Growth
Metabolism: Fueling Cell Growth

The Blueprint of Life, from DNA to Prot
Bacterial Genetics
The Diversity of Prokaryotic Organisms
The Eukaryotic Members
Viruses of Bacteria
Viruses, Prions, and Viroids
The Innate Immune Response
The Adaptive Immune Response
Applications of Immune Responses
Host-Microbe Interactions

Antimicrobial Medications
Scope and History of Microbiology
Microscopy and Staining
Prokaryotic VS Eukaryotic Cells
Essential Concepts of Metabolism
Growth and Culturing of Bacteria
Microbial Genetics
Recombinant DNA and Genetic

Introduction to Bacteriology
Eukaryotic Microorganisms & Parasite
Sterilization and Disinfection 

Antimicrobial Therapy
Host-Microbe Relationships
Epidemiology & Nosocomial Infection
Nonspecific Host Defenses
Basic Principles of Specific Immunity

The Bacterial Cell

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