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  • Dentist from overseas
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  • To work as a dentist in U.K u need to register with GDC (General Dental Council)
Types of Registration:
There are two types : 1. Full Permanent Registration 2. Temporary Registration

Minimum Qualifications for full registration:
1. English Language : I.E.L.T.S ( 7 Bands with min. 6.5 in each section) and scores not older than two years on the date of application.
2. Clinical Experience: 1600 hrs Clinical Experience.It may be during degree, after or combined.

Biggest Step:
(Official Website : www.gdc-uk.org)
ORE (Overseas Registration Examination, was known as IQE till 2006.)
ORE is an Exam that Overseas Qualified Dentists have to pass in order to register with GDC. ORE tests the clinical skills & knowledge of dentists from outside the EEA whose qualification are not recognised for full registration with the GDC

Based on U.K. Dental curriculum :
ORE is of two parts 1. Written( Max. 4 attempts) 2. Clinical (Max. 4 attempts)

Max. 5 years diff. b/w the two

Apply for part 1

Step 1:
  • Fill in the application.
  • Send Your Documents for assessment
  • If 'All is Well ' you will see Your name in Waiting List
  • You will Recieve Invitation for test( 8 to 12 weeks before exam )
  • Choose available Dates
  • Venue : Central London (various centres are available for part II)
  • Pay Fees : 600 Pounds (2250 pounds for part II)
Step 2:

Prepare for Exam.
A long list of recommended books is available @ official website of GDC plus sample Q.

All students are recommended to read all the books read during BDS degree along with MCQ preparation.

Format of Exam:( computerised)
Two Papers of 3 hrs each

Paper 1 : Clinically Applied Dental Science
Clinically Applied Human Science
Paper 2:
All aspects of Dentistry , special emphasis on Law And Ethics

Type of Questions:

  • EMQ's( Matching Questions)
  • MCQ'S (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • SBA's ( Single Best Answer )

All questions test your in depth knowledge , retention and Application.

I will discuss Temporary Registration and Part 2 in subsequent sections.
Working In U. K
Dental practitioners are no longer in shortage list for U.K
So employment oppurtunities in U.K can't be assured off.

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