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  25. Comparing the Berlin and the ARES questionnaire to identify patients with obstructive sleep apnea in a dental setting.
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  31. Al(2)O(3(w))-Al(2)O(3(n))-ZrO(2) (TZ-3Y)(n) multi-scale nanocomposite: an alternative for different dental applications?
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  51. Getting into medical school - a guide for dental graduates.
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  52. Evidence summary: why is access to dental care for frail elderly people worse than for other groups?
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  53. Summary of: Modelling workforce skill-mix: how can dental professionals meet the needs and demands of older people in England?
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  62. Do school-based dental sealant programs reach higher risk children?
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  63. Anxiety and quality of life in phobic dental patients.
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  96. Evidence summary: what is the effectiveness of alternative approaches for increasing dental attendance by poor families or families from deprived areas?
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  99. Tobacco, alcohol and drug use among dental undergraduates at one English university in 1998 and 2008.
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 (2010), Issue 1

  1. New phylogenetic analysis of the family elephantidae based on cranial-dental morphology.
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