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15 Discoveries/Scientists you should C.T.M (commit to memory)

             Discovery                                                           Scientist
1.    Acidogenic (chemicoparasitic)               Miller
2.    Proteolysis theory                                      Gottieb
3.    Proteolysis chelation                                 Schartz and Martin
4.    Flourosis index                                            Dean
5.    Pit & fissure sealant                                   Buonocore
6.    Prophylactic odontotomy                        Hyatt
7.    Procaine                                                        Einhorn
8.    Epidemiology                                               Thomas Sidenham
9.    Bis—GMA                                                      Bowen
10.          OHI—S                                                      Green and Vermilion
11.          Psychoanalytic theory                          Sigmond Freud
12.          Conditioning theory                              Pavlov
13.          Cognitive development                        Piaget
14.          Social learning                                           Bandura
15.          Fermentation/putrifaction                    Louis Pasteur (1857)

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