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15 Discoveries/Scientists you should C.T.M (commit to memory)

             Discovery                                                           Scientist
1.    Acidogenic (chemicoparasitic)               Miller
2.    Proteolysis theory                                      Gottieb
3.    Proteolysis chelation                                 Schartz and Martin
4.    Flourosis index                                            Dean
5.    Pit & fissure sealant                                   Buonocore
6.    Prophylactic odontotomy                        Hyatt
7.    Procaine                                                        Einhorn
8.    Epidemiology                                               Thomas Sidenham
9.    Bis—GMA                                                      Bowen
10.          OHI—S                                                      Green and Vermilion
11.          Psychoanalytic theory                          Sigmond Freud
12.          Conditioning theory                              Pavlov
13.          Cognitive development                        Piaget
14.          Social learning                                           Bandura
15.          Fermentation/putrifaction                    Louis Pasteur (1857)

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How to prepare for MDS entrance Exam.?

Once you enter the best days of internship, after that hectic long BDS final year,with a dream of doing MDS in mind.. you start looking for the books need to be read? wondering which coaching to join.... but many later realize that, such facilities will be available only in metro the student starts thinking about dropping another year to join the coaching next year so that he can give his 100%.May be they are not wrong .. But u have 10 precious month of internship . so why dont u give a complete genuine try..

Now the big question is HOW?

I can tell u how I had prepared for entrance during my internship . I had a good score during my BDS yrs, but I too was not sure about how to prepare for entrance for MDS.. so I was no different from other.

I had asked some of my immediate seniors who got through various apart from reading this long mail , u should also ask u r seniors, as they will give u better idea about u r state entrance

Its better to follow the things said by Seniors who have got success than trying to find a new path on ur own..

U have around 10 months from now.

There r two ways.. Either read theory or MCQ explanation. I followed the MCQ

I will give u a formula. U r success can be divided in to
60% what u do in internship
20% what u did in past 4 yrs
10% luck
and remaining 10% cant be achieved no matter what u read

How to achieve 60%-

Start from the 2nd month of internship, or at least 10 months before exams.

All r at the same position when u start preparation , may be one or two percent more than u,, but its the not start,, its the end which matters the most.

U need to do following books minimum

Pulse-6 times
Gourishankar- 4 times
Bhatia-3 times
Neeraj wadhwan-3 times
Jatin kalra-2 times(optional)
Duggal 2 times(optional)
Bytes-2 times
Mudit khanna-3 times
Dental Explore and books of aiims and aipg papers by Dr.Naveen Choudary - 3 times
National Boards

I repeat.. Its the minimum time.. If u start early u can finish the pulse 7-9 times for sure and rest books 2 times more than what i mentioned

U need complete this task this before dec.. And in jan u have only time to do pulse and just the dental papers and just question and answer from mudit khanna

How to achieve 20%

If u have not read some good books in past then don't worry.. read the explanation given in the mcq books

Order of reading

Do pulse completely once excluding synopsis. Takes 2 month at 1st reading.The in next reading do a subject from gourishankar followed by the same in pulse. complete both book in this order but this time with synposis

Next reading do a subject from bhatia and then same in gourishankar and then
pulse.. Make sure, u should try to remember all repeated question from pulse.

So when u reach till bhatia start reading Neeraj wadhwan side by side.

Complete one round again..

So u have already done pulse 3 time now .Now u start reading Mudit khanna...One papers of mudit khanna takes around 10 do it in parts.

When u finish mudit khanna 1st round u will have u r aiims exams. So make sure u complete mudit khanna before nov.. Do pulse again in 15 days beofore aims. and may be PGI in dec.. So when u come back revise pulse gourshanakr and other books.. but these two books are imp for state entrance apart from solving papers..

and do mudit khanna also may be only recent papers.

So in jan do revision again for 15 days.. and when u come back after aipg just do pulse and old papers ..U can give State entrance, Mahe, Kahe, Abshetty, and if u want Siddarth dental colleg, Yennpoya, Jss and may be SDM next time if it becomes deemed.

Read only question papers the day before the exam and sleep atlest for 10 hours.

And Dont get distracted from studies no matter what the situation is. Never worry about fees.. Get the best rank first.. u will have enough of time to think about fees later

Joining a test series will give a added advantage too.. It will help u to
remember things which r repeated too often in exams. and that too will help to have that fear about exam, but the ultimate result depends on once own effort. 

Remember one thing.. The key to success is to remember as many things as possible.. Read for at least 10hours when u complete internship.. Needs dedication. Nobody knows that he will be the topper in exms..

So Aim for aipg ..
but its the time, luck and hard work which can buy u that.. but for state entrance u need to mug up total pulse and gourishankar,, and recent papers .But never try for short cuts.. reach till Mudith khana and i am sure u will best in all exam.

Believe me, if u have failed once that does not mean u will fail again[:)].. u just have to find where u went wrong.. but whats imp is giving 100% effort and not 99.99%

there r lot many paths when it comes to entrance and no path will assure success at the start.. u ask in those 500 student who cleared exam, they will tell u around 500 ways of preparation

but its up to u choose the best in those and stick to that , but u also need to remember that all r different.. i got a seat that does not mean that evrybody will get a seat if they follow my route, but that also means that u might get a better a seat than me...

so it has both advantages and disadvantages

but the problem is u really cant sail in two boats at a time... so select one strict to one... and work for it till the end... and for the result .. nobody , even a topper will be sure of getting a seat when he/she starts preparation... but they dont leave the prepration in the midway.. thats what is imp..

but u all can go for a retrograde study..for exp u can read only those few imp topics from the textbooks,,not it all depends.i had read all std books in my ug so was not that keen to read them again, and even my senior showed me the same path of mcq preparation

few tips for all-

1) never listen to others when they say its not possible.. be away from them
2) u dont have to be topper to get a seat,, but ya.. they might be good
3) never fall in love during prep.. fall either before or later :D
4) be with someone who is equally serious about studies
5) stop all the fun.. may be u can take break on sunday . its better to loose fun to get something more later
6) always read all new editions
7) give all the exam , if u can afford to pay the exam fee,, but that does not mean that u need to take a seat there... its just for practice
8) make u r parents understand that thats what is imp for u right now
9) its one mans game.. friends r u r competitors now.. remember that.. u might be good to them but they might now
10) dont loose the hope till the end.. all will start but the winner is the one who ends it
11) make up in mind that its now or never
12) and do MDS as a dream ,,and achieve it
13) revise , revise and revise
14) make a time table and allot time for each subjects.. , mark the subjects in that and try to finish it in that time
15) once u finish few revisions u need to change the prep plan..give imp to those points which u forget and give less time for others...
16) give more imp for synopsis after 2-3 revisions as they will come as new questions
17) call the publishers and try to get the new papers before its out in u city shops so that u get more time
18) give aiims and pgi as a revision exam and not to get a seat.. u will come to know how much u remember in repeated questions. so that means u should atleast finish 2- 3 revision of pulse and 2 of others
19) try to read medical papers.. they might come or not but they will make u r mind stronger
20) dont leave any book now.. its better work now rather than regret later
21) last.. sleep well.. eat well.. and read from start.. its time to be serious about life.. this is the right moment.. work hard now,, and at the end before exam u will surely relax more

Believe me.. Not because i got a seat,, Because i followed what my seniors said to me and thats why I succeed.

Kcet 6th,,
PGI-18th, ,
abshetty 23rd,
Manipal 71 and
comed 55th and
kahe 43.

Anyway did not got rank in AIPG may be because i did not do national boards.But I guess my other ranks are worth.. As this was my First and Last attempt without spending another year for coaching..

I am not the only guy who has done this

Who knows. u might be the topper next time

Read well..

best of luck

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