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10 Dental Jewellery Designs : Post Extraction

 Its a good idea to preserve your teeth post extraction. Some communities may have myths attached to it, but keeping a part of your body stay with you even after removal is surely all of that you want .

Make sure infected element is removed and the tooth is completely disinfected before making these.



  • Sometimes, a simple outfit can be transformed into an elegant ensemble with the right piece of jewelry.
  • Tooth diamonds are a unique kind of accessory that could definitely make your fashion pop. 
  • These studs are attached to the tooth using a safe way most dentists are trained in.
  • They are affordable and chic in many parts of the world.
  • They are also clean and conveniently hypoallergenic.
  • Tooth diamonds were first manufactured in Sweden. 
  • The owners started a small family business, wanting only to bring the finest quality to their customers.
  • Today, while the business still remains in the family, these charming pieces of jewelry are distributed to different corners of the world.
  • Eventually, the fad caught on in Europe and later spread to Asia and North America. 
  • Young adults and teenagers are going wild for dental jewelry. More luxurious designs are also available to an older demographic. Simply anyone can wear these tooth accessories.
  • Affordable designs are just as sparkly as more expensive brands.
  • Essentially, a shiny stone is set on a real gold setting. 
  • The gold, perfectly genuine, can either be typical gold or white gold. 
  • Tooth diamonds are light and relatively small. They are made with flat backs so that they are easily attached to the front of a tooth. 
  • An adhesive typically employed by orthodontists is applied to the back of the stud and carefully affixed to a tooth. 
  • A wearer may opt for a single piece or go for several at once. The process is similar to the attachment of the brackets used for braces.
  • Because glue is used to attach tooth diamonds, attachment is painless and will not damage the tooth. There is no drilling involved, which means that the enamel will be spared any scratching.
  • In addition, the presence of dental jewelry will not interfere with oral hygiene. 
  • Typical dental habits apply. The many designs of dental diamonds allow the wearer to choose custom pieces to suit their own personality. 
  • You can express your style with a variety these pieces, making each of your outfits a trendy piece of art. You will also be able give your smile, your greatest accessory, an unforgettable sparkle.

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