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1. Tooth brushing : It is professionally recommended to brush teeth after every meal using soft brush to maintain good oral hygiene. Minimum twice daily brushing should be mandatory for all.This will eliminate most causes of bad odour.

2. Fibrous food : Eating plenty of fibrous food keeps teeth clean, moreover foods like apples, carrots ,fennel keeps bad smell away . Chewing cinnamon or fennel root kills all bad breath caused by eating onions or having liquor.

3. Coffee Bean : Chewing coffee beans have also proved to be good for baning bad breath.

4. Walnut : Walnut ( not shell ) but the soft kernel has good antiinflammatory properties and keeps teeth healthy plus free from bad breath.

5. Green Tea/ Black Tea: Drinking green tea or coffee also eliminates bad breath.

6. Mouth Washes : Various mouthwashes such as Listerine / Chlorhexidine are strongly recommended to patients with  bad breath and are of good value not only in eliminating bad breath but also improving the overall dental health of the patient.

7. Regular Dental Check ups: Regular Dental check ups and scaling help eliminate pocket formation and food lodgement thereby healthy teeth and fresh breath for the patient.It is advised to visit your Dentist every 6 monthly.

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