Q: I have done four years BDS but has not completed internship, Can I join a DDS or any  other PG course ?
Ans: You must complete your internship. Your BDS is not complete without internship and you will not get your bachelor degree. For joining, degree is a must.
Q: I have just finished my second year of BDS in India. Can I get admission into DDS?
Ans: Well, for admissions you need your BDS degree, but at this stage you are eligible to take your NBDE  Part 1. Anyone who has cleared their second year of  BDS is eligible for taking their Part 1 exam in USA, but admissions happen only after your BDS degree.
Q: What is NBDE Part1?
Ans:  This exam is conducted by American Dental Association (ADA). You need to take your National Dental Board Examination (NBDE) Part 1 examination. This examination is conducted throughout the year across approx. 300 centers in USA/Canada and costs $260. This exam in fully computerized and contains 400 MCQ's with no negative marking. We will conduct Computerized Mock Test for the exam whenever you are ready.
Q: I took one attempt in 2010. If I pass, will i have a second attempt in 2011??
Ans: NO, if you happen to pass in Part 1; there is no re-attempt to improve the score even if you have taken the exam in 2009 or earlier. For admissions, one needs preferably greater than 87 percentile score. The more the score, the better it is
Q: Pass/Fail system is from 2010 or 2012?
Ans: P/F system is from January 2012 but no re-attempt clause is valid from Jan. 2010
Q: What is GPA?
Ans: GPA is grand Percentile aggregate. It is evaluated by ECE(www.ece.org) which gives U.S. educational equivalence for each educational credential.
Q: How important is GPA? 
 Ans: The answer is always... the higher is better.But it plays a significant role only if your NBDE scores are less. You can always cover with your low GPA by getting a good percentile in NBDE part 1 and a good score in TOEFL.

Q: How much GPA is considered good?

Ans: Anything above 3 is considered good.For students with GPA below 2, will have to get better scores in part 1 and TOEFL.

Q: How to apply for entry into DDS after BDS ?

Ans: Your US dreams can come true.Here is the basic plan you need to follow>>>

After BDS >>> Get ECE evaluation (course by course: recommended) >>> Prepare for NBDE I exam >>> obtain DENTPIN >>>apply to ADA for NBDE I exam >>>>Schedule a Time to Take the Examination>>>
Take the Examination at a Prometric Test Center>>>Score Reports>>>Apply to Universities for addmission  to DDS>>>DDS for 2-3years>>> Licensure exam of state>>> Practice as General Practioner In respective state.

Q: What all I have to study to prepare for NBDE part I?

Ans: You are suppose to study and prepare for your basic subjects. Here is a link of syallabus.

Q: How to prepare for NBDE part I ? Which books are recommended? Where can I get study material for NBDE part 1 preparation?

Ans: Here is a list of recommended study material and the procedure to procure the same.Follow the LINK.

Q: Can I join a Test Preparation Course?

Ans: We conduct Online test series for NBDE part I preparation . You can either join mock test series ( for self assessment ) or a subject wise test series for all subjects study  motivation  and feel.You can choose from customised or scheduled course. Find more details here.

Q. What are the benefits of test series conducted by RxDentistry?

Ans: You can find them HERE.

Q. I scored only 80 percentile in NBDE part 1 , what can I do?

Ans: With score below 85 percentile, getting an addmission is very tough. But you can improve your profile by adding few observerships and perceptorship certificates and then going for NBDE part 2 and getting a good score in part 2.

Q. Do I need to clear both NBDE part 1 & 2 for addmission into DDS?

Ans: Most universities accept Only part 1 scores , but for some you need both. You can get addmission with only part 1 scores but you need to clear  part 2 before your DDS completion.

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