How to crack PGI DENTAL /MDS entrance exam?

In PGI MDS/DENTAL (postgraduate institute of medical education and research) Chandigarh exam only Clinical Questions are asked except for 2-3 Q in anatomy and dental anatomy/histology each.

And rarely 1-2 basic Questions in pharmacology , medicine very rarely.


List of recommended books

· Dental pulse
· Gaurishankar
. Dental Explore
· Boucher mcq (only dental subjects)
· National boards
. Amit Tiwari (for flourides)

Revise these books as many times as you can...
And get past papers of PGI Chd. .
PGI papers have > 85% repeat questions

FOR PGI Chd concentrate more on

* Orthodontics
* Pedodontics(trauma)
* Fluorides
* Community dentistry
* Endodontics/cons
around 40% paper is from orthodontics and pedodontics only
20 % from fluorides
* Prosthodontics

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