36 Characterstic features of various diseases


1.    Foreign body giant cells—Leprosy, TB, and chronic infective granuloma.
2.    Tuton giant cells—Xanthoma
3.    Aschoff cells—Rheumatic nodule
4.    Reed-Sternberg cells--Hodgkins disease
5.    Kupfer cells—Acute viral hepatitis
6.    Gaucher cells—Niemann-Pick disease
7.    Target cells—Beta thalassaemia
8.    Mallorys hyaline—Alcoholic hepatitis
9.    Tumour giant  cells---Osteosarcoma
10.          Anitschkow cells—Rheumatic fever
11.          Foam cells---Atherosclerosis
12.          Basaloid cells—Basal cell carcinoma
13.          Heart failure cells—CVS lung
14.          Gamma-gandy---CVS spleen
15.          LE cells---SLE
16.          Congo red---Amyloid
17.          Toludene blue---Amyloid
18.          Periodic acid suhiff---Carbohydrate, glycogen and mucin
19.          Alician blue---Acidic mucin
20.          Von Gieson---Extracellular collagen
21.          Verhoffs elastic---Elastic fibres
22.          Oilred o---Fats
23.          Sudan Black B---Fats
24.          Osmium tetroxide---Fats
25.          Gram---Bacteria
26.          Ziehi Neelsen—Tubercle bacilli
27.          Fite Wade---Leprosy bacilli
28.          Giemsa---Protozoan parasite
29.          Groccots silver---Fungi
30.          Shikata orcein---Hepatitis B surface
31.          Kossas---Osteomalacia for calcium, vit. D deficiency
32.          Perls prussian blue---Haemosiderin, iron
33.          Masson-Fontana---Melanin
34.          Alizarin red---Calcium deposit
35.          Von kossa---Mineralised bone
36.          Rubeanic acid—Copper

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