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NEET Exam Review: 

1. Exam was conducted on paper , unlike medical NEET Pg exam which was conducted on computer.
2. Pattern was not much different from AIPG.
3. Approx 130 repeats from previous year papers.
4. Basic sciences  Q were tough
5. Few Q from batia, pulse and prabhaker.
6. Overall balanced paper. 
7. Students who worked hard throughout the year will be in merit list. 
8. Expected cut off 68%.

We aim at providing question bank. Answers marked if any are tentative. All questions are memory-based.---RxDentistry


1. Primary defect in scurvy is
A decrease mineralization
B decrease osteoid matrox formation
C increase bone resorption
D decrease bone mass with normal moneralization
and osteoid formation

2. Growth of alveolar bone in mandible occurs in what direction ?
Centrifugal petal -correct

3. Which of the following virus is not found in oral cavity of children:
Epstein bar virus
Cytomegalo virus
Varicella zooster
Herpes simplex virus

4. Claw hand is seen in ?
Radial palsy
Ulnar palsy – correct

5. Nephrotic syndrome characterized by all except -
High glucose

6. 13 yr old boy needs reconstruction of cleft palate with an autogenous bone graft the ideal material would be ?
post iliac crest
ant iliac crest
rib graft

7. After moderate exercise the blood flow to brain ?
No change
Initially increase then decrease

8. Treatment of unilocular ameloblastoma
a. enucleation – correct
b. enucleation with cryotherapy.
c. en bloc resection.
d. resection with 1cm

9. Progressive malocclusion?
class 1
Class 2
Class 3 -correct
A nd c

10.How does amoxicillin work with clavulanic acid
Cumulative action

11. One questiion was child with left and right palsy. With involvement of enamel root fracture.most common involved is
hemifacial atrophy

Which of following wax used in summer for arrangement of teeth
Type 1
Type 3
base plate

Magnitude of normal mandibular plane
1 to 4
17 to 30 – correct
25 to 40

During admin of nsaid in children the most important of dose,admin is
weight of child – correct
age of child
nature of drug
chronicity of pain

Which is not a beta lactamase

Which is least important test in demonstrating patient with syncope attack
table tilt
holner monitering

Maximum surface friction in orthodontic brackets
TMA wire

Inj with adrenalin causes blood supply of pulp to:  Increases
Decreases slightly

Optimum remaining dentine thickness for restorations
1 mm
1.5 mm/ 2 mm
0.5 mm

Most important activity of irrigation material in rct
Volume of irrigation
Concentration of irrigation
Needle size

True about inflammation confined to pulp is
Stagnation of pulp vasculature
Increased Vascularity
 Increased vascular permeability

sample less and independant observations
z test
Cohort study

Most common cold cure seal
Sodium alginate
Short acting opoid ?

Which motor nerve is most affected ?

Most common bitewing is
Size 2
Size 0
Size 1
Size 3

A child with left and right palsy.. With involvement of enamel root fracture.most common involved is
hemifacial atrophy

Most common discrepancy seen in
Mandibular 1 pm
Mandibular 2 pm

Which of following wax used in summer for arrangement of teeth
type 1
Type 3
base plate

Drug induced colitis is associated with

Carotid body regulates
po2 in arterial blood
po2 in venous blood
regulate tissue fluid
regulate hemoglobin synthesis

Most potential aggresive and destructive cyst
periapical cyst
incisive canal cyst

Medical ethics in genetic councellinh involve all except
informed consent
direct guidance

Which vitamin has least role in tooth development
vit e – correct

Standard treatment for unilocular ameloblastoma
enbloc resection
enucleation – correct
resection within 1cm margin
enucleation with cryotherapy

Common carotid artery is palpable at
upper border of thyroid – correct
upper border of cricoid
at hyoid
lower border of cricoid

caries progresses generally?
intermittent – correct

Which is not supplied by anterior division of mandibular nerve
medial pterygoid- correct
lateral pterygoid

Which of following describe inadequate oxygen exchange in lungs
anoxic anoxia – correct
histoxic anoxia

All of following carry proprooception from head and necj except
facial nerve
Cranial accesory – correct

True about heparin is
90min half life
Idiopathic thrombocytosis
 Decreases antithrombin 3

malignant salivary gland tumour
Mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Pleomorphic adenoma

Which is not a marker of new bone formation
alkaline phosphate
urine hydroxyproline

Third nerve palsy cause all except
outward eye movement

Indicator used in autoclave
clostridium tetani
Bacillus stereothermophillus
bacilus pumilis
bacillus subtilis

Down syndrome mentally retarded all except
deleted 21
trisomy 21
robersonian translocation

T/t of nonperforated internal resorption
Gutta percha
Zinc oxide Eugenol
All of the above

A periodontal ligament injection of 2% lidocaine with 1:1,00,000 epinephrine will cause the pulp circulation to
Cease for about 30 minutes/sec (not sure whether it was 30 sec or 30 min in exam)
Remain the same.
Increase markedly.
Decrease slightly.

Turn of triangular H file ?
1/3rd – correct

Speech problem in post surgical cleft cases is due to
Lip defect
Improper closure of palate with nasal cavity
Improper contact of tongue with teeth

Lack of communication between base of tongue with palate
which of the following blood can be donated to AB -ve pt.
A -ve
B -ve
AB +ve

75% of brain growth is completed by ?
5 years
2 years – correct
3 years
1 year

Factor present in both serum and plasma
Factor V
Factor VII – correct
Factor VIII

Most common injured nerve in the oral region
Facial – Correct

Best site to harvest the bone graft for cleft alveolus ?
1. Anterior iliac crest – correct
2. Posterior iliac crest

metallic sound on percussion:

The sound most commonly affected due to altered positiion of maxillary ant teeth

The major connector indicated in patient with tongue tie is
lingual bar
sublingual bar
cingulum bar

Maxillary denture fractures in mid palatal region most commonly due to
acrylic thickness is less
excessive resorption of alveolar ridges
acrylic is not good quality

Gypsum bonded investment material,gypsum starts disintegrating at temperatue
700 C
50 C

Which of the following will not eliminate completely during burn out procedure
cold cure
inlay wax
pattern wax

Which of the following are most resistant to sterilization ?
Prions – correct

In a population in which standard deviation is known to be low, taking a small sample will
give result with precision
standard error would be very high
Standard deviation would come out more

Working time of dental plaster increased by?
Warm water
Increased spatulation
W/P Ratio – correct
Cold bowl

Zinc Phosphate is better than GIC in terms of ?
Compressive strength
Tensile strength
Modulous of Elasticity

If Father haemophilic, mother normal then ?
50% sons affected
All daughter are carrier
Sons are carriers

vit-A given in a population, for-
Primordial protection
Health promotion
Specific protection – correct

Disability limitation
Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by all except?
Hematuria – correct

Buccal canine cavity for light cure composite, what is not done
Acid Etching
Soft dentine removal

1. Two teeth apper to be fused clinically but fusion is only by cementum
2. Amelogenesis Imperfecta is due to defect in
3.Which factor is administered in intracerebral hemorrhage?
4.Which factor is present on both serum and plasma?
5.Implantation to uterine walls occurs on which day?
6.All forms extinsic membrane of larynx except...?
7.which cranial nerve does not carry proprioception from head and neck
8.vitamin not involved in tooth dev?
9.method of disposal of mercury?
10.speed of films recommended in I/O radiography?
11.strptococcus mutans produces caries becoz
12.true about simple random sampling
13.test of significance to compare means when sample is small n units are independent
14.muscles of mastication are derived from?
15.microorganism most resistant to sterisation?
16.which is not a mediator of inflammation?
17.most common malignant tumour of parotid?
18.which is not an intrinsic muscle of eye?
19.which is not seen in 3rd cranial nerve palsy?
20.main advantage of zinc phos over GIC
21.GERD occurs due to?
22.chin def., steep mandible angle, chin button less prominent
23.Fibre optic intubation not indicated in
24.Vitamin A supplements is what level of prevention
25.LA not crossing placent
26.Naf Conc. in Apf gel
27.most imp factor in calculating drug dosage in children
28.All are Beta -lactam antibiotics except
30.dissociative anaesthesia
31.hemophilliac male patient married to normal female.true is
32.sterilisation is defined as
33.major connector in case of tongue tie?
34.anteroposterior position of max. ant. teeth in cd affects which sound
35.burning sansation in ant. third of palate in a cd patient
36.bone formation affected during deficiency of
37.the virus not known to cause oral cancer in childrens
38.which alloy can not be soldered and welded
39.type of wax used during trialin india during summers
40.cold bend is done to increase
41.working time of gypsum can be increase by
42.stainless steel is resistent to corrosion due to
43.solution used in pickling iron deficiency anemia
45.more micro organisms are seen on which surface
46.pit and fissure sealant should have which property
47.type of hypoxia in whch tissue are incapable of taking oxygen?
48.patient with h/o draining sinus on the angle of mandible and granules in pus
49.child with h/o trauma on max. teeth and resultant swelling and infection
50.child with h/o trauma on max. teeth and resultant swelling and infection
51.nerve involved in claw hands
52.nerve not involved in rotation of scapula
53.pulsation of common carotid artey can be felt at
54.which is not a pneumatic bone
55.protein disappeared on heating at 60 bt reappers
56.gypsum investment shd not b heated above
57.most imp in intacanal medicament case of reimplantation wht shd b done
59.anaesthesia unsafe in dental practice
60.carotid body is most sensitive to
61.Increased bone deposition is seen with
62. Flux is added to
63.Highest surface friction
64.Mandibular plane angle
65.Guide plane
66.hemoplilliac patient block indicated is case of Anaphylaxis drug administered is case of GA what is done with throat pack
69.Smoker and tobacco chewer will develop which disease
70.Epiphysis of long bone is affected in
71.Lingual flange of lower denture
72.which tooth most likely to deviate from arch
73.accumulation of pyruvate.vit deficient is?
74.micro org used to chek efficiency of sterilisation
75.which is not a protein disorder
76.not an etics of Genetic counseling
77. If insulin given alone, what effect will it have?
78. Not true regarding penicillin
79.catalans app is used in case of
80.All drug causes seizures except
81.Compliment involved in final pathway
82.cd4 helper cells are not involved in
83.Hepatitis E
84. excess of eugenol causes-
85.danger space in head and neck region
86.36 yr old female h/o constipation and on and off lower abdominal pain since 5 yrs probable diagnosisi is....?
87.problems on gagging treatment involved? to check occlusion in cd patients on follow up
89.field contaminate with aerotor oil during acid etch procedure how do you proceed
90.amoebic liver abscess demonstrated by
91.which of the following blood can d dontatd to AB -ve pt
92.buccal cheek bite in CD is due to
93.HbA1C test is for...??
94.most common common nerve to b injured
95.when vertical dimension is more in CD which of the following is true with Hb 6% should not be admi with
97.immediate vasodialation in inflammatin is due to
98.noxious pain without touch is called as
99.mode is..??
100.all are features on nephrotic sy except
101.treatment of verrucous ca lip?
102.infection extends from facial vein via cysts are causede due to
104.metallic sound on purcussin
105.composition of cold mold seal
106.mandibular resorption
107.silver cones are used in
108.generalised weakness d/t all except
109.not a heart related disorder in aids
110.not a feature of down syndrome
111.most of the oral cavity is derived from malocclusion?
113.drug causing colitis
114.test not done in patients in syncope
115.nerve supplying ethmoid sinua
116.nerve supplying nasal cavity
117.use of H file
118.Bleaching of a tooth with a tooth coloured restoration-
119.Fracture of a tooth with Dentin involved.What is the immediate treatment ? 9yr old...deyaled eruption ,short n irregeular crown n difference in root morpho between left n right side//diagnosis..
121.most coomonly graft is taken from
122.vertical condensation is
123.Not a disorder of amino acid metabolism is-
124.after moderate excersice bld flw to brain-
125.t/t or unilocular ameloblastoma-
126.optimum remaining thickness of dentin for restoratn to cause minimal pulp damage radiography differs from conventional in-
128.A pt is involved in ch. thumb suking habit,the clinical exam of a pt reveal-
129.fishman index determines
130.Absorption of fluoride in child takes place mainly in
131.vertical facial height is measured thru. much rotation of a triangular cut of file will take place to shave dential wall of canal
133.75% brain growth complete at
133.iopa film ised for bite wing according to ISO standards
134.Cross resistance of isoniazid is seen with- op instruction to a patient after day care anesthesia
136.Drug causing epilepsy all except
137.ntraleigamentary injectn of LA+adr cause bld suppy to plup
138.drug used for prophylaxis in migrane all except?
139.after burning residue will be left in
140.extrahepatic cholestasis
141.if der is co-relation btwn two variables.hw to measure value of the one.
142.teeth most coomonly displaced due to arch length discrepancy
143. Tinnels sign
144.neonatal teeth is?
145.essential enzyme of Oxygen dependent phagocytosis by neutrophil
146.infectn extends from facial vein.
147.prosthetic cardiac valve
148.what cannot be prodeuced from acetyl co-A
149.most imp for causation of caries?
150.aspirin causes plaster working time is manipulated by
152.internal resorption without perforation is filled by
153.CI resorption start at what age
154.not supplied by ant division of md nerve
155.not supplied by ant division of md nerve fixed with which cement to prevent decalcification
157.female patient with constipation.blood in stool.diagnosis is?
158.1st ganeration cephalosporin
159.reedstenberg cells seen in
160.fracture of maxillary denture fron midline.cause is?
161.antero post curve touching cusp tips
162.most aggressive cyst
163.brown tumour is associated with
164.most abundant immunoglobulin in salive
165.carious process is?
166.incidence and prevalence are rate or not? with umblical stump bleeding.not hemopjilliac.diagnosis?
168.2% lidocaine with adrenaline causes
169.denture clicking occurs due to with gum hypertrophy.diagnosis

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